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Introduced by Simon Petts, Chairman of the AFOA, the 90-minute online Webinar session starting at 10:30 am on Thursday 25th March 2021 will feature presentations from Gerry Keogh, RFFS Dublin Airport. Kieran Merriman, RFFS BAE Systems Warton and a representative from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


AFOA Webinar Managing Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Services through the COVID-19 Pandemic

The devastating effects of the global pandemic on the aviation travel industry are well known. The Airport Fire Officers Association (AFOA) invites members and associates to attend its online webinar.

A panel of speakers will share the multiple challenge’s that Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (RFFS) have experienced during the last year, the lessons learned and how the airport RFFS have overcome and managed the impacts of the pandemic on their operations.

Keeping airports open while COVID-19 caused a significant loss of staff has been a key challenge for RFFS.

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Gerry Keogh will explain how Dublin airport was affected and outline the changes made to keep it operating in his presentation entitled Managing Dublin Airports RFFS Through COVID-19.

Kieran Merriman, Fire & Rescue Service BAE Systems Warton and a CAA representative will provide additional perspectives.

Brief Q&A sessions will follow each presentation. Simon Petts will close the webinar session with an update from the committee and planned upcoming AFOA events.

The Seminar will be held via Microsoft Teams. All AFOA members and associates will receive an invitation to attend the webinar session.

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