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Monnex Dry Powder Performance Test

Following the announcement from the CAA that UK Alt Moc 4 ADR.OPS.B.010 (a) (2) will be withdrawn commencing 1st January 2020. The Aviation Rescue & Firefighting industry raised questions and sought to seek answers.

AOA provided the forum for discussion with the CAA present, before AFOA (working with Angus) pushed to provide the evidence needed to demonstrate the performance of a ‘High performing’ powder against a standard ABC powder.

Following on from the Dry powder testing that took place in July 2019 at Angus, Bentham, where a performance test between a standard ABC (off the shelf) powder and Monnex Dry powder.  A report has now been complied and published for industry circulation by Neil Gyllenship GIFireE. Senior Airport Fire Officer, Manchester Airport Fire Service.

It is recognised that test conditions were a rough guide and the extinguishers used (although both 9Kg) did differ slightly, i.e.; Monnex 9Kg powder CO2 Gas cartridge, with the standard ABC 9Kg powder being stored pressure. The result of the test was pretty conclusive with Monnex far out performing the standard ABC powder.

The next stage of this evaluation would be to peruse factual evidence under laboratory conditions. Manchester Airport will be commissioning an independent company to carry out the testing and then sharing the results with industry.

This is necessary to provide closure and conclusive evidence to support our industry.

Full Report